About Wallace Records

Wallace Records born the April 26th 1999.
It is a label of underground music, between avantgarde and rock n’ roll, run with a punk DIY attitude and etic.

Although I released a lot of records and work with many bands, my label remains a little experiment of collaborations between underground entities, a piece in the huge world of the counterculture.
And will remains so.
I am always curious about new bands and artists, but I am not interested in big productions and I am not here to promote "emerging" artists, nor to try to become the next big thing of a fake indie world.
For any inquiry feel free to write me.

Wallace Records sells its releases worldwide trough this website and in record stores trough some excellent distributors: Audioglobe Italy, Mandai Benelux and ​Sickfigure USA.
Most of the catalog is also available in the Amazon catalogue too, and digital music through the usual store.
Wallace Records also sell records in the popular Discogs Marketplace, together with some used stuff. Check it out.
If you are a distributor and want to distribute Wallace Records, you’re very welcome, write me with the contact link in the menu. 

This site is developed internally, it's the version 26.0.
Write me if interested in a website for your band or label.
Or just to report a bug or a desired improvement.

Mirko Spino