I Camillas

Pesaro, Italy

I Camillas born in Pordenone in ’64 ad duo fomed by Ruben Camillas (guitars, xylophone, voice) and Zagor Camillas (keyboard, cymbal, voice). Driven by an irresistible instinct, you are then allocated on the East Coast for forty years they produced nothing, but in 2004 something extraordinary happens, rock ‘n roll wanted them, and they accepted.
Since then, Zagor and Ruben are creatures of a lawn. I Camillas are a bud of Aerodynamics, dancer band, active from 1998 to 2004.
At some point, with the slowdown of Aerodynamics, took over the creative production of I Camillas.
A first Ep in 2007, Everybody in the palco, and then two full lenght: Le Polictiche del Prato in 2009 and Costa Brava in 2013