Portland,OR - Usa

Seventeen album in eighteen years deep. A living/breathing recording ethic, five European tours, constant West Coast presence, and underground cred that can’t be beat, Rllerbll, (once they were Rollerball) is an established institution influencing what bands sound like in Portland,Oregon and throughout the world. The rhythm section, Gilles on drums and Monte Trent Allen on bass, drop extended deep grooves and lock-step rhythm changes, anchoring Two Feathers sound with wizened authority and practiced ability. Amidst layers of intriguing percussion, electronic murk, and the damp acoustic hollowness of Amanda Mason Wiles’ saxophone poetry, Mae Starr weaves intricate and inventive keyboard magic. Her fingers swallowed by rings that stream up and pounce down the keyboard, evoking powerful vocalists like PJ Harvey or June Tyson, and casting spells over a rapt audience. Hard to describe and impossible to pin down, Rllrbll, has been praised throughout their storied career by The Wire, Pitchfork, Brainwashed, Fake Jazz, The Oregonian, Terrascope, Mercury, Stranger, etc., and played on radio stations around the world. They have released music on RoadconeCochonSilberJalopy GrottoNillacatPacific Wonderland, and Felina y Magia in the States and Bar la muerteWallace, and Hysm in Italy. Rllrbll has been compared to Sun RaNew OrderCereberus ShoalJOMFCalifone, and Can. They practice, they tour, and they push the limits of sound on every release. You can't get bored with their sound because it is morphing as you read this. This is american music and this is a legendary band.