Squarcicatrici is a jazz splattered afro-punk musical ensemble from Italy fearlessly lead by Jacopo Andreini (L’Enfance Rouge, Ovo, Rollerball, Jealousy Party).
Squarcicatrici utilizes extreme dynamics and presents whispered paintbrush sketches and then sculpts rich brass sound with the fury of a sledgehammer. Interpreting his twelve new compositions of aggressive intensity, Jacopo Andreini has assembled an international line-up which includes Enrico Antonello (Pangolinorchestra), Erwan Naour (Les Hurlements D’Léo), Thollem McDonas, Samuele Venturin (Motociclica Tellacci) and a remix by Bosnian dub heroes Vuneny. Accompanying the cd is an original essay by Brazilian sociologue Chico Caminati titled Preto são todas as cores, branco é ausência de cor! written expecially for this album.
Aggressive Afro-Punk rhythms blend with Bossa Nova guitar and screaming American Jazz Cats. I can hear Fela, Rollerball, Fanfare Ciocărlia, Tom Waits, Jobim, Zu, and tons of other influences that I can’t identify. Featuring male and female vocalists in French and Italian.
This disc is so good…so, so good and I love every nuance of it. Squarcicatrici is produced worldwide through a network of independent labels; Frigorifero Prod., San Giuseppe Records, Burp Publications, Wallace Records, North Pole Records and Nillacat.