Bologna Violenta New Album!

The new Bologna Violenta album will be out next 24 february, it’s title Uno Bianca and it’s conceived to tell the stories of the famous Banda della Uno Bianca a group of bandits made up of five policemen and a civilian , active in Bologna and its surroundings (1987-1994), who has made more than a hundred shots , killing twenty people and wounding more than a hundred.

The disc goes over twenty-seven stages in his criminal history, a sort of imaginary soundtrack of his shots worse perpetrated against gas stations, toll booths, banks and supermarkets. The album is characterized by extreme sounds typical of the project, made even more dramatic by the massive use of string orchestras.

The “song form ” is completely abandoned in favor of structures that follow the progress of events , as reported by the pleadings.
Bologna Violenta wants to pay homage to the city of Bologna in music telling one of his most violent of its history and does so with a dark disc , where the death knell ringing heavy to remember the tragedy and madness of those moments