Mixing L’Enfance Rouge

Call to collaboration, call to creation, call to arms.
After Juille, BanquisesFevrier and Vistamare here is thus the third piece: Vautour.

The links of downloading are on the site of L’Enfance Rouge here.

L’Enfance Rouge destroys the sacred aura of the artist, demystifies its image, explodes barriers. Far from any star-system or other artistico-intellectual myth, the Italian-French avant-rock combo decided to let mix its next album by his public, without limitation of styles.

Functioning and liberties :

  • Every month, all the recorded tracks (from hi-hat to voices) of a new piece of L’Enfance Rouge will be downloadable on-line separately (and free of charge, of course);
  • Whoever can mix these pieces;
  • All the boldnesses are allowed: from insertions of effects to personal arrangements, to even record, add or even replace instruments or voices by others, cut, grow longer, loop, warp, etc..;
  • No style is imposed: the piece can ring tekno, hard-core, hip-hop or classic contemporary, according to your revolution;
  • Call will end in January 2014;
  • L’Enfance Rouge will choose her favorite mix. And will pay it.