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Entertainment is business and everyone of us is part of this global market, as a consumer. And there are so many ways to entertain yourself. Some people can’t imagine their life without TV, and spend several hours watching it, everyday. I turned it off in 1998, I must confess, but, of course, I have my own perversions to indulge in. For example, looking at Chinese e-commerce websites and discovering new sexy toys and lingerie. You always find something interesting, believe me.


Let’s browse sex products for a wide range of toys and bizarre bondage items. For instance, right now I’m looking at this set of leather black straps on sale for 9.64 euros. As usual, you cannot trust Chinese products too much. Leather straps it is written in the title, but, if you carefully read the description below, you discover this is just synthetic leather. Plastic, that’s it. I don’t think anyone sane would want to be tied up in such a vile material. I would prefer an eco-friendly rope, instead.


Silicon breathable balls, slave whips, nipples clamps, restraint handcuffs, mesh jumpsuits, penis plugs, plus a whole range of sexy lingerie and… a very charming bodysuit in black leather that would perfectly fit the Catwoman for just 8.70 euros. Synthetic leather, of course, but this one looks great for a night on the dancefloor. «Ehi Silvana, are you around, sweetie?» «Here I’m, darling» «I’m forwarding this link to you right now. Have a look, please» «Gorgeous, and I want those stiletto boots as well» «You’re going to look wonderful in it, love».


«Ehi, Silvana… put your black leather bodysuit on and don’t forget the whip as well, as you’re going to be the one behind the wheel next week» «I’m ready for everything, sweetheart» «That’s why I love you, honey»


Sex is the best entertainment ever, let’s admit that. From ancient Greek and Latin epigrams praising women and young boys alike to the practical advices of Kama Sutra and the finest Japanese erotic prints, sex has always been one of the main topics in art and literature. And the bête noire of all monotheistic religions, that fear it and try to chain it up. Because truth is: when you fuck, you don’t need any god at your side, just your lover. Goodnight, children.

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