Power Tricks

This is about questioning.

Power, do you feel comfortable with it? No, you don't. Power has something wrong: you feel the power like something that restricts your freedom; economic power decides people's needs and whatever it gives, it takes back in a way or another. Men of power can start a war at any time. Have you ever been in war? Yes, you've read a lot about it, saw lots of movies, docs… but… what if you were there? What would you choose then? Would you stay with the power, or fight it?


All right guys, now tell me, what have you chosen? Maybe you're not the brave ones. Maybe you would stay in the corner and look the other way, waiting for the end, but for sure you agree that power in bad hands is dangerous. So, here we are, what about your power? You know, the word power means ability to influence other's behaviour, opinions, actions, thoughts. Do you have children? Every day your child has to fight between his nature and your expectations, 'cause deep inside you want him to be a better version of yourself, don't you? But what if your teachings were wrong? What if they were bad?


So, you exercise your power too. Surely you try to do in the right way, but we won't talk about the good ones now. I'm curious about bad things. Most of the people want to be good persons: it's not a difficult choice. Don't you think it's harder to be bad ? Just think...did you ever choose to be bad? I'm not talking about being angry with someone or wanting revenge of a person for any possible reason… I'm talking about evil. I'm talking about choosing to hurt someone because it makes you feel pleasure. Have you ever met a man like that ? Wouldn't you like to crash into a real bad one, once in your lifetime?


Let's talk about the power of nature. It is birth and creation, but it can be death and destruction too. Have you ever been tested by the forces of nature? Let me tell you the story of a man who was part of an expedition in search of the mythic El Dorado, down to Amazon river. He had an insatiable lust for oppression and domination. The expedition soon came across great difficulties and he became their leader. He was moving like a dangerous predator. In that wild land, his symbiosis with nature grew to the point where he believed he was a fucking god! In the meanwhile the jungle and the indios were hunting him and his crew. Diseases decimated them and eventually he got all his comrades to death. What kind of crazy person feels so almighty to believe he can defeat the power of nature?


Welcome back guys,do you need some fresh air ? Would you like to talk about power and sex ? They are strictly connected. They are both able to exert charm and attraction: sex can be an easy way to get power and power can use his seduction magnet to get sex easily. But I want to go straight to this connection while having sex. Isn't it exciting when you feel that every brief movement of your body, every whispered word, every kiss you decide to give or not to give is getting your partner dying of crazy desire? It's the awareness that you can make him pulsate with ecstasy. Don't you feel powerful when you think you could stop at any time and take away his pleasure? What do you think it is? Just a cruel joke or a way to feel the pleasure of power?


Here we are, this is the end of our little journey. As you see ,you can make questions about everything and every question can be traced back to yourself. It's a matter of attitude. Some people constantly do it, some others don't. Maybe they just don't care. Maybe they are scared of what they might discover. And you? What's your attitude? Good night guys, and happy nightmares.

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