A Short Apnea

It feels like there are some mighty interesting things happening down in Italy within experimental music these days. Bands such as Madrigali Magri are just two examples of the fact that that innovative music is beeing made in Italy. Another remarkable example is last years compilation Tracce on Wallace Records. Even though the quality varied quite a bit some of the bands on that comp were simply amazing. One of the songs that caught my attention on that disc was a 20 minute long experimental instrumental song by a band called A Short Apnea. Now, Wallace Records has released a fullength album with that very band. And it sure is one impressive piece of music. The songs vary from beautiful ambient soundscapes to dischordant keyboard-drenched noise to instrumental rock. Sometimes with whispered vocals in italian, which makes it even more exotic. Diversity is the word. Never boring for a second, never without curiousity and playfulness. This album is amazing. I dont know how i easy it would be to get ahold of this, but i can promise that its worth the effort.

(Gabriel Hermansson, Truckfighter)

SKU: wal003
November, 1999