Avorio Erotic Movie

Ok, personally when mr. Wallace rec passed me this promo my imaginery flown beneath the valley of ultraRusschicks, - i also had a whole zipped folder full of pictures to check, then, and i thought finally Wallace rec understood what makes business in Music... but, You know what? i've been punk'd!! No flaming babes, no blasting wow-esque silhouettes and leather boots at all!!! That's not fair man, - You can't play like that with my feelings. Well, - these three hairy big guys from Sicily, Italy, play with 90s punk'n'roll music and related rules of dirty, somehow noisy, blues and voodoo, - and if Jasminshock's name doesn't sound all that new to Your ears, well, You will recognize for sure Vonsik's guitar style here, chorus-effect filled, such so post-punk (Tokyo's Train). Sort of Scratch Acid (Lolita) singing for In The Red rec, but with some roots into Louisville's (- renamed Noiseville, ages ago) post-whatever sound of 90's (Nera)...
Paolo Miceli, Komakino

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January, 2009