Before and After Dinner

One year and a half after previous s/t full-lenght, italian Rosolina Mar are back with a more decisive step into 70’s electricity.

Notwistanding the same past passion for half-demential titles; they dive into wha-wha driven suites, almost embracing acid jazz in some hot pursuits à la Harry Callahan, even if it stays still after behind the corner the warm splendour of funky mono.

Regarding, listen to Isa Eyes, unique track with two words vocals, – or short and intense Tuttopapetti e Protopapetti.
Then, while the title-track as well as Car Patch (D-tone) turn on the free-jazz side of two guitars & drums ensemble, Flesh Dance brush by the fusion music school, putting aside melancholy, but focusing on excitement of the rythm section changes.

SKU: wal068
December, 2005
12inch LP