Con il corpo crivellato di stelle

Following the 7′ here’s the new album by Tasaday, with a nearly complete original line-up (Sandro Ripamonti, Carlo Ronchi, Stefano Sangalli, Paolo Cantù) Con il corpo crivellato di stelle explain itself from title : phisycal, violent ed etheral…useless try to describe ‘what Tasaday play…

Echoes of their industrial avantagard past filtered by listening the best indie rock of last ten years : bass, guitars, computers and televisions, sax and oboe, voices intentional or not to be on a record.
And there are some friends with their sounds : Flavia and Vonsik by Jasminshock, "il maestro" Roberto Mazza, Stefano Golfari, Monica Lynch, Marco Camorali, Sabrina Fiore, Viviane Mata, Emanuela, Yuli Cao, Mirko Spino.

This release has 50 different pictures on cover. Catch 'em all.

SKU: wal018
February, 2002