Vinyl of the month award must certainly go to Emotion/Repetition by The Connie Capri Organ Chamber Orchestra, whose jungle drums and banks of fizzing red and black Vox and Elka organs put me in mind of something off Medative Music for Decomposed Organ by Russia’s Mikhail Chekalin, or perhaps John Cale & Terry Riley’s 12-minute piano duel ‘Ides of March’ as covered by Klaus Schultze on his epic Elektronic Impressionen LP. Like me, those of you with a dislike of pastiche-y overly retro album art should simply look away and open your ears to the music itself. For this limited edition 12” contains eight truly minging drum’n’drones that really deserve a place in the record library of most 21st Century Inner Space Cadets. Cop this 300 copies-only motherlode from www.wallacerecords.com and soon, motherfuckers!
Julian Cope, his blog

SKU: wal098
March, 2008
12inch LP