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(…) when a release by an Italian band falls in my lap, the old adrenaline starts to surge, my fingers get twitchy and the nervous sweats begin…Hell Demonio (Uh, I guess it means something along the lines of Hells Demons), whilst not strictly a “Hardcore” band, incorporate enough of the HC ethos in their sound and overall presence and presentation, to make them a part of the “scene” by default. More by accident than intention though… Not a Hardcore band, not a metal band, not a punk band, not a pop band and not a rock band, Hell Demonio have taken elements of all the fore mentioned genres and utilised the best elements to create a unique, driving sound that would put a smile on the face of even the most miserable Goth. See, they’re all about balls out rock-n-roll, and I guess the best, and only way to describe them, is as the overblown bastard offspring of the Jesus Lizard and AC/DC. They may sound weird, but by Christ they rock like their lives depend on it, and the music is more fun than a lifetime’s free pass to the UK’s best brothel…If this really is the sound of damnation, then roll on the Dark Angel’s, because my soul’s prepared…
Tim Cundle, Subba Cultcha

SKU: wal064
September, 2005