Illu ogod ellat Rhagedia (Ustrainhustri)

The second album by A Short Apnea, Illu ogod ellath Rhagedia (Ustrainhustri) is a concept album divided into three long tracks, themselves evolving tunes composed of different movements.

The innovative rock symphony – involving not only guitar, bass, and drums but also accordion, sax, clarinet, ’60s psychedelic experimentation, jazz as free expression, and ’90s american noise rock – breaches today’s rock line and finds its place as a hybrid music born of the mating of post-rock and experimental noise. With its instrumental pieces, A Short Apnea builds an evocative soundtrack-like album that works with variations of mood.

The musicians take you from dark alleys where you witness a surrealistic apparition to disquieting dank sewers, then change the general atmosphere here and there with a melodic passage reflecting hope, while always bringing you back to spasmodic and bizarre tunes or dissonant and quiet experimentations.

Dense and complex but at the same time evocative and easily accessible, A Short Apnea brilliantly proves with Illu ogod ellath Rhagedia (Ustrainhustri) a that avant-garde does not necessary means intellectual or inapproachable.

SKU: wal010
November, 2000