Irrintzi is the full leght solo debut for Xabier Iriondo, after his split with Paolo Cantù in the Phonometak Series 10.

Irrintzi is the sum of the collaborative attitude that Xabier has continued over the years. Indeed, one of the vinyl is composed by covers (Motorhead, Springsteen, Battisti, Currà, Lennon ..) for which Xabier chosed longtime collaborators, among others Gianni Mimmo, Cristiano Calcagnile, Roberto Bertacchini, Bruno Dorella and Stefania Pedretti (Ovo), while the second disc sees Iriondo in his most usual side od sperimental musician.

It’s a double one-side LP, each vinyl have one side playable and the other silk-screen printed. 500 copies only.

SKU: wal152
September, 2012
2x12inch LP