L e c o s e n o n p a r l a n o

Fourth album of a band who conceives own music like a walk. L e c o s e n o p a r l a n o is a photography of Anatrofobia in 2002, and it introduce itself as "different", a step high the previous wider than they never made, thanks also to the inserts of friends guests like Roberto Sassi, Alessio Pisani and Alberto Biroli.

They say: "The material in this CD has been realized between August 2001 and July 2002. In these songs we have tried to improve the cohesion of the several spirits in our music: writing and improvising, heart and brain. After the previous Cd we focus better our ideas, to be more directed, sinceres. We have tried an equilibrium between aspiration and truth, hoping that not there were not misunderstood and doubts in our feeeling. This our works sound accidentally like an anatrofobic "jazzrock" : music, even with its limits, it's born from opening to others experiences, for love of all musics, searching for an own independents direction.

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October, 2002