La Zuccha Polmonate

R.U.N.I. are idiots, we know, so they do idiot things.

In a cold and dark night full of fog in the hinterland, drinking alcol to heat them and friends, they had the idiot idea to remix their album , the world wide famous Il Cucchiaio Infernale.
The morning later nobody would have remembered this, but they were in company with bad discographic managers, their manager Elvisio and some little bands searching for fast and big success.

Obliged by contract to handle again their tapes, the idiot idea became a remix album : La Zuccha Polmonate.
Everyone who would like to kick ass with the responsables of this catastrophic result, here’s names : A Short Apnea, A034, Aerodynamics, BugoMirko Spino, Mutables, Ovo, Pin Pin Sugar, Rollerball, Tasaday and R.U.N.I. themselves.
Title and band public image are curated by Elvisio.

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May, 2002