Larkin Grimm and Rosolina Mar

Two Larkin Grimm songs and a cover of Los Angeles by Old Time Relijun recorded together with Rosolina Mar after having shared the stage for some shows in Italy to present Parplar (Young God Records), rightly recognized as one of the best albums of the year. About her, Michael Gira said:

Larkin is a magic woman. She lives in the mountains in north Georgia. She collects bones, smooth stones, and she casts spells. She worships the moon. She is very beautiful, and her voice is like the passionate cry of a beast heard echoing across the mountains just after a tremendous thunder storm, when the air is alive with electricity. I don’t consider her folk though – she is pre-folk, even pre-music. She is the sound of the eternal mother and the wrath of all women

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July, 2009