One year has passed from the publication of Cube and Plasma Expander come back with an EP, sons of the same expressive urgency that generated their previous work.

The first record  is called Live3 and its stated goal is to release the energy of their live concerts, which is the dimension they prefer.
Despite recorded in the studio, the compositions of Live3 have been played live, "good first take" and without the slightest overdubbing. The first 4 compositions are already present in previous albums (Cube and Kimidanzeigen) but here they are played in their live versions which is often completely different from the the original (as is the case for Beacon and Exploder) or otherwise characterized by the presence of new tools and new arrangements (as is the case for Hands In Your Guts and Why Not).

But Plasma Expander also provides something completely new: Otra Vez, which closes the album, is a 4-minutes-4 unreleased track that captures and condensates the kinetics , hypnotic and "motorik" feel of the newest Plasma Expander.

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March, 2014