Stiv Livraghi is not here but he cointinue to be the guide of Satantango, band born from the ashes of Tupelo/Playground, to take the inheritance and go straight to thei musical way. He drawn the beatiful cover that represents Syd Barret (in a leggendary episode of rock's history, when the guitar player went in recording studio in 75 and Pink Floyd did not recognized him).And he wrote all the original lyrics of the band, like also in the previous album "Downhill". But... while "Downhill" was suffered and catartic, the new one - even if it's not far from typical psycho-blues sound of the band - adds to colors and shadings that were not present before. Recorded again by Fabio "Magister" Magistrali, one of the most requested italian independent producer, "Mr. Bore" live with the incessant alternation of lights and shadows, solar pieces interlaced to other nervous and darker, where emerges the personality of the band. If the title-track don't forget the oblique r n' r sound of Satantango, even if more strong intensity, as also "The Giants" and "Ode To Mark Sandman" (dedicated to the leader of Morphine), particularly good are the songs where the band leave to emerge just the visionary side. And then comes "Madhouse" and "Bluer" (for me the most inspired song of the entire collection), an expanded track of modern psichedelia. But there's more to ear, because in "Excitement" you can find the aggressive side and the noise-blues attitude of the sextet and in "The Rope Song" reed in a curious way a classic from Devo, while the tail of the disc - after a long free-form delirium of "Rock' n' Roll" - gives homage to Richard Hell with a fragment of "Blank Generation". But the bigger feeling of this record it's picked, instead, between the folds of the disc, with the hidden opening track: a cover of "Clear Spot" (already the live hit of the group) introduced from the voice of Kendra - daughter of Stiv and singer Anna Poiani - which start in a enthusiastic "Uh... Capitan Beefheart

Roberto Calabrò

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November, 2004