Madrigali Magri’s Negarville begins with less minimal qualities than its predecessor, Lische, but the recording also builds a lot more from the beginning than Lische does. Negarville seems to be a bit more experimental at first listen, but it’s really that Madrigali Magri is exploring a new dynamic and a newer, fresher aesthetic than the band did on its debut, Lische. Negarville and Lische are truly a nice pair and would surely provide a better continued listen if they were put side to side, as they are almost like a part one and part two, respectively Madrigali Magri’s negarville is a unique recording that truly explores new sonic ground and successfully brings home the goods. This recording is quite similar to Cave In’s Jupiter or even early Tortoise recordings but, with its minimalist guitar and drumming, it comes off with its own unique sound. Truly though, the influence of american experimenters Sonic Youth and Fugazi is quite prominent in their music. Madrigali magri’s Negarville is a fantastic recording, and you should look into adding this gem to your collection.

(Matt Borghi, All Music Guide)

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September, 2000