Phonometak Series #5

Talibam! is one of the most potent and fascinating bands in today’s music scene. The five plus years of interplay between Mottel and Shea has created one of the most unique and exciting live shows and some of the most powerfully recorded documents of any era. At a time when most culture sticks to conservative niche opportunities, Talibam! is interested in expansion and exploration; they manage to part the sea by not sticking to genre, aesthetic predisposition or the usual norms of what being a ‘band’ is. More inclined to put on a show that any and all will like, and not be stymied by “avant” type-casting, they have won over both unsuspecting and in the “know” audiences worldwide. The energy of Kevin Shea‘s full steam drumming is not to be missed, nor is the primal tone of Mottel‘s synth run through a Marshall Half Stack.

Jealousy Party, active Fiorentine ensemble from 1995, rape the suggestions of the free music (jazz and not only), avant-rock , the disturbed and unsociable electronics, squirts of songs, saxs, laptop and cds in flames and histrionic vocal manipulations. The mutant project expresses with delirium and destructured transparency the synthesis among creative astractism, expressive urgency, mad avant-gardist, theatricality and punk attitude.

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Phonometak Series
December, 2008