Phonometak Series #6

Gianni Gebbia Sicilian saxophonist and improviser, from the mid 80′s Gianni is working in improvised music and avant-garde jazz scene in Europe. In 1990 he won the prize for the Top Jazz talent in the magazine Musica Jazz. Gianni Gebbia has participated in numerous festivals including: Bolzano, Clusone, Bucharest, Berlin Total Music Meeting, Taormina, Wuppertal, Paris, London, Marseille, Mulhouse… and collaborated with tons of artist like Evan Parker,Fred Frith, Otomo Yoshihide, William Hooker, Lee Ranaldo, Jim O’ Rourke, Italian Instabile Orchestra, Roy Paci, Francesco Cusa, Lukas Ligeti, Weasel Walter, Wu Ming 1.

Miss Massive Snowflake: The man behind this monicker is Shane De Leon, former trumpet player and vocalist in Rollerball. In the band Miss Massive Snowflake he his at the head of a handful of fellow playing music between songs and rock, hip-hop, country and more, always pushed by a psychedelic soul.

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Phonometak Series
April, 2009