Secrets Chimiques

It comes out battered, bruised and bleeding from listening to Secrets Chimiques, Wallace's third work for Milan trio instrumental noise Taras Bul'ba, certainly the most mature and interesting of the Italian groups to which several years ago Wallace gave the space in a collection of the series PO Box 52. Misty skies from the Little Naked City, amplifier saturation, and, it seems, a remarkable devotion to the noise rock of the nineties: Distorted Pony, Cows, for certain mathematical solutions and yet nothing at all of the brain (a comparison of all: Giddy Motors ). There is no shortage interludes where take over hypnotic atmosphere, viscous, dreamy (on Traumdeutung and Khyber Pass). They are the only predicaments where you do not succumb under the weight of distortion and madness. You sweat blood to play like this, his temples throb of pain, and muscle flood of lactic acid. Taras Bul'ba know it but can not help it.
Andrea Prevignano, Prevy Rotation


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December, 2008