Songs about Music

This is Miss Massive Snowflake’s second full-length album following the 2008 electronic based, Queen’s Headache.

After two solo European and Stateside tours, where De Leon charmed audiences with multimedia theatrics armed with a laptop, projector, and acoustic guitar, he assembled a group featuring Bill Horist (Master Musicians of Bukake), Zacery Stanley (Dramady), and Jeanne Kennedy Crosby.

Songs About Music was recorded by Gilles (Rollerball, The Pink Widower) and the sound is clean, full bodied, and sweet.
Miss Massive Snowflake makes music that is at once playful and overtly political with most tracks clocking in under 3 minutes.
A tasty Flaming Lips/Bowie rock concotion mixed with Minutemen/Beck song structure blasts, and Marc Ribot angularity cooked down with Funkadelic’s civil disobedience.

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March, 2010
12inch LP