Uno Bianca

Uno Bianca is the fourth Bologna Violenta's full lenght album.

This concept album is based on the crimes of the “Banda della Uno Bianca”, a gang formed by five policemen and a civilian operating in the Bologna area (from 1987 to 1994), which made more than hundred crimes, killing twenty four people and wounding more than hundred. The gang's name is taken from the type of car used for the crimes, a white Fiat Uno, very popular in Italy in those years. The gang, led by Savi brothers, has always been known for the brutality of its operations that didn't save the lives of those who was between criminals and their purpose. The album goes over twenty-seven steps in its criminal history, a sort of imaginary soundtrack of the gang's worst crimes against gas stations, motorway tollbooths, banks and supermarkets.

Uno Bianca is characterized by extreme sounds, made even more dramatic by the massive use of string orchestras.
The song form is completely abandoned, the track structures are modeled on the progress of events, as reported by the procedural acts.

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February, 2014
12inch LP