Gerda continue their brand of chaotic hardcore along similar lines to their previous album Cosa Dico Quando Non Parlo on this new 12”. I only labelled it as ‘screamo post metal noise’ in the abstract because I don’t really know how to define it – I saw a distro call it this and found it quite funny. The first side of this LP is much like the previous album. It doesn’t really let up at any point, the vocalist screams away like something tragic has happened and the instruments all combine together to make a noise that I greatly enjoy. To be honest it kind of all merges together and sounds the same but maybe it requires many listens to fully appreciate the chaotic beauty. I like the basic sound that is going on so am happy anyway. Bits of it remind me of Dolcim, just a little slower but just as intense. There are some similarities with The Infarto Scheisse too I think. Maybe some people will find it a bit too samey but its hard to remain ultra intense and not have parts that sound similar. The second side of the record goes a bit more experimental. They even mellow out a bit at times. It still sounds fantastic and so should be applauded that the band are being a bit more original that their standard sound. The lyrics are said to be introspective and desperate but there is no English translation or explanations. Overall, this is great stuff and maybe you will enjoy it too.
Collective Zine

SKU: wal116
June, 2009
12inch LP + CD