Write, Read, Cancel

The Pornography is one of the most intriguing outfits that I stumbled across in the Wallace catalog, an Italian duo of Giuseppe Belfiore and Vincenzo Sortino and bass guitar and drums, who bring in friends and accomplices to contribute various other sounds and instruments on their recordings and play a kind of super-abstract industrial sludge improv that reaches some high points of sublime heaviness. I seriously doubt that anyone here in the U.S. knows about these guys - there is almost zero documentation on them on the net, they don't appear to have done much in the way of interviews or anything, and they apparently only released two CDs on Wallace before disappearing into the void. Write, Read, Cancel is a 23 minute EP that the band released in 2001, and it's the most "out" of the two releases we've picked up of theirs. Packaged in a simple cardstock sleeve with a grisly closeup photo of a damaged eyeball on the cover, the EP begins with the extended math rock trance of "White Youth" that gradually devolves into eerie ambient improv, with the band throwing up thick clouds of resonant guitar notes and squiggly slomo fretboard mangle, like a doomy No Neck. They then move into the two part "My Money", which glides between evocative jazz-noir horns, droning guitar buzz, and skittery free jazz playing until a devestating industrial-dirge descends and grinds into oblivion, like a slowed-down 16-17 jam being squashed by Filth-era Swans and Big Black's bass rig while digital flotsam and random sampler blurts float around. Crushing, threatening improv.

Crucial Blast

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November, 2001