Gianni Gebbia, Lukas Ligeti, Massimo Pupillo

da 2000 a 2002
Italy / Usa

The trio of Gianni GebbiaLukas Ligeti, and Massimo Pupillo has undertaken several tours in the United States, including a 2001 venture from which these recordings of The Williamsburg Sonatas originate, as well as a return jaunt in 2005.

The combination of three differing European sensibilities and stylistic approaches works extremely well, involving different degrees of so-called “jazz content” from gig to gig, depending on situational stimuli.
In the case of The Williamsburg Sonatas, an important inspiration was obviously the ambience of Brooklyn, New York. The music of this trio seems full of light and the ambience of travel and fresh discovery.

In this particular collection, the music is also extremely jazzy in a modernistic way

by Mr. Eugene Chadbourne

The Williamsburg Sonatas
The Williamsburg Sonatas
Sabato, Gennaio 1, 2005
8 tracks
41 minuti