Welcome to the Carousel

Hey guys,

this is me from Wallace Records Radio. No need to worry: I’m not going to interrupt you, I know you’re busy, so keep doing whatever you are doing, or sit down and relax for a while. I just wanted you to know that you have just won a ticket for a ride, so choose your wood horse or chariot and keep a tight hold on the reins, ‘cause this ride will be a wild one and no one knows where we are heading to. That’s classified.


Are you scared? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but, you know, I’ve already been here and I have seen it all before you. Take me by the hand and I will guide you along this road. You just have to learn to see in the dark and, then, you’ll discover that we are from the night and our lives can only stand a small amount of light. Keep a tight hold on the reins, take a deep breath, ‘cause this ride is endless and dangerous.


I remember walking along the Karl-Marx-Allee. It was late, past 3 am and I was drunk, trying to get home. September was an empty space between the summer, already gone, and what the future had in store for us. You were somewhere else and my loneliness was an unexpected bliss. Red lights at an intersection, but no cars around, the boulevard like the path to a different world and everywhere that silence, crying loud.


You’re not alone. Not yet. Try harder and maybe you can make me disappear. Ashes after a fire, I’m still with you, I’m not so easy to kill. I hope you’re enjoying this ride, ‘cause there’s no way back, and we are together in it. I have given you a glimpse of my favourite season, a landscape of orange rotten fruits and bare branches against the bluest sky. It’s not summertime anymore, can you feel it? Can you really feel it?


May I tell you the truth? I’m pleased with you, I’m convinced you can swim in this deep ocean and no shark is going to come and bother you. The trick is to keep breathing, even when you come to face the biggest waves. You did well, and I’m so proud of you. Goodnight children, take good care.

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Chiara M. - Voice, Text, Playlist, Creative Direction
Silvana T. - Voice on Announcements and Jingles
Paolo C. - Production & Technical Direction, Original Background Music
Theme Song: Western Mantra by Cabaret Voltaire, Three Mantras 12" EP - Rough Trade RT038 - 1980