[1] Kilo of Black Bondage

Paris, France

Aka Bondage, Black Sifichi & Somekilos, the musicians of [1] Kilo of Black Bondage were united for the first time in 2003 during the I.D.E.A.L Festival at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes, France. Moving from stage to stage in France and Europe, they enriched and cultivated an original musical material made from evolving textures, sonic landscapes – more so than songs – that borrow from rock, dub, hip-hop and electronica, responding to the texts -which are dark as they are precious.

Released on both Ronda & Wallace records, this album is the crystallisation of this musical evolution. The album Fear The Windows was recorded, mixed and produced by Norscq (The Grief / Colder / Von Magnet) between 2004 & 2005. The record received numerous laudatory reviews and even did an unwaited entry into small Radio Charts : Top 21 in the Top 50 artists 2005 by Nameless Webzine, Radio Punto‘s 2005 30 Favorites Albums, N°10 in the Future Mix Playlist on RTF (Limoges), N°6 in the "Top 43 artists" 2005 by Wreck This Mess Amsterdam.

Fear the Windows
Fear the Windows
Saturday, October 1, 2005
9 tracks
46 minutes