Gli Ebrei

Pesaro, Italy

Gli Ebrei (The Jews) are born in August, 2010 as a supergroup: the four members already comes from Barbacans, Soviet Soviet, Uzi e Obelisco Nero, while they feel the need to play something over musical genres.
In the same year they publish the debut album in CD, 2010, reiussed in 2012 by Wallace Records and I Dischi di Plastica, in an LP, renamed 2010.1


February, 2012
12inch LP
23 tracks
40 minutes

Gli Ebrei are punk, noise, powerpop and all of this is done in a deeply italian way, from the tradition of CCCP to reach the Bugo of good times.

This vinyl reissue of the debut album contains a lo-tech surprise: while the side A contains the original in its entirety, the tracklist on the B side was reconstructed in Midi version.
And Enjot them live.