Makhno is the one-man project of Paolo Cantù, self-taught musician, who plays the guitar and whatever else he can get.

He began to play as a member of the experimental band Tasaday, after which he was among the founders of the rock band Afterhours from ’86 to ’90 and in ’92 in the seminal Six Minute War Madness. In the same years he founded the band A Short Apnea, another piece of hystory of the italian undergound scene.

He continue to play with Tasaday in their ’00 renaissance and in various side-project as Four Gardens in One, End of Summer, Damo Suzuki’s Network and EAReNOW and with the duo project with Xabier Iriondo, Uncode Duello.

The Phonometak Series # 10 is his solo debut, following by the full lenght LP Silo Thinking under the moniker Makhno, played, recorded and mixed by himself, as for The Third Season, out in 2015

Leaking Words

March, 2018
12inch LP
8 tracks
43 minutes

Makhno, third act.
Leaking Words is out on March 15th.
Composed, played and recorded all again by himself, with a circle of guests larger than in past.
the LP is co-released with NeonparalleliBrigadisco, Il Verso del Cinghiale, Villa Inferno, Haveyousaidmidi?

The Third Season

March, 2015
12inch LP
8 tracks
39 minutes

After his solo debut with 4 tracks on the Phonometak 10 (Wallace Records 2012), his first solo album under the moniker Makhno, Silo Thinking (2013),  and the virtual 7” Nevadagaz / She’s Beyond  Good and Evil (in cahoots with Hysm?Duo), it’s out now The Third Season, again as Makhno, and played, recorded and mixed as usual by himself.

The 12” vinyl  LP is produced by the labels Wallace Records, Neon Paralleli, Bloodysound Fucktory, Villa Inferno,  Hysm?, Brigadisco, il Verso del Cinghiale, Xego Records, Onlyfuckingnoise and, as for Silo Thinking, Federico Ciappini (Six Minute War Madness) provides  the only external contribution singing in Avevo cose da dire and Cerambice

Nevadagaz / She’s Beyond Good And Evil

May, 2013
4 tracks
08 minutes

After the critically acclaimed album of pure post-punk, Silo ThinkingMakhno return to gift us a deepening on the topic, and revealing some of the roots of his sound.
This virtual 7 “is in fact a virtual tribute to Gaznevada and the Pop Group.

You download it here for free here.

Or here.


Silo Thinking

October, 2012
12inch LP
8 tracks
36 minutes

In Silo Thinking Paolo condenses his thirty-year attendance in other music, and it does so on its own in an album that is far from the project of a guitarist involved in intimate compositions with your chosen instrument: here there are industrial and post-punk, there areThrobbing GristleButthole Surfers and Big Black, but above all there is the touch, the soul and the composition of a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist unique and personal, who for the Wallace Records is a musical ID, and personally much more. Played, recorded and mixed in complete autonomy, Silo Thinking is a 12 “vinyl and has as unique external contribution the voice of Federico Ciappini (Six Minute War Madness) in the Custer.

Phonometak Series #10

Phonometak Series 10
March, 2012
10inch LP
6 tracks
26 minutes

Last issue for the series conceived by Wallace Records and Phonometak Labs. This finale brings with it a debut, or rather two, This is the first publication of the work of two guitarists who have made ​​history by Wallace Records and a good slice of underground italics:Paolo Cantù and Xabier Iriondo.

Paolo Cantù:  Born in Monza in 1964, self-taught, plays electric guitar and whatever else he can get. His first experiences are as member of the experimental band Tasaday, after which he is founder of the rock band Afterhours from ’86 to ’90 and in ’92 in the seminal Six Minute War Madness. In contemporary he is the band A Short Apnea, another piece of hystory of the italian undergound scene. He continue plays with Tasaday in their ’00 renaissance and in various side project as Four Gardens in OneEnd of SummerDamo Suzuki’s Network and EAReNOW since the new band as duo with Xabier IriondoUncode Duello. The Phonometak Series # 10 is his solo debut. Expect news from Paolo very soon.

Xabier Iriondo, musician and composer, born in the Isola area in Milan (Italy) in the early seventies from basque father and italian mother. At the age of seventeen he began to amuse himself with an electric guitar and he still does now. Between 1992 and 2001 he made 5 albums and hundreds of concerts with the rock band Afterhours, 3 albums with the indie/rock band Six Minute War Madness and 3 albums + 2 miniCDs with the A Short Apnea project. In 2001 he started to explore the possibilities gave him by some handbuilt instruments he made and the meeting between these weird instruments and electronic music, field recordings and electroacoustic instruments. From 2005 to 2010 he opens in Milan Sound Metak, a vintage/collector instruments and musical objects shop where he organize concerts/performances. In these times he’s involved as guitarist/sound manipulator in the projects AfterhoursNoGuRuThe Shipwreck Bag Show.