Maria Mesch

Milano, Italy

Maria Mesch is a german artist but she lived and worked in Milan for several years. She made exhibitions in alternative spaces in Italy and abroad.
In Milan and its surroundings there are permanent installations at the Library of Mezzago, Cascina Autogestita Torchiera, in Viale Monza 255 (the atrium of FAI and Circolo Anarchico Ponte della Ghisolfa). Her paintings are at Samsara in Brugherio, her mosaics in Via Paruta 38 in Milan and in Trezzano Rosa.


April, 2003
1 tracks
5 minutes

A cover of the famous composition by John Cage.

500 Cd painted one by one, each one different from the other: the version you choose is to be  observed for 4 minutes and 33seconds, duration of the piece which is silence.