Permanent Fatal Error

Italy / France

Permanent Fatal Error is a project since 2002 by Olivier Manchion: Ulan Bator founder member, Faust long time collaborator, Damo Suzuki's Network, French Doctors, Bias! ... After the release of the first album Law Speed and gigs with the band or as duo and solo performances, Olivier performed again (2005-2007) with Ulan Bator and Faust. 

Law Speed

February, 2004
11 tracks
44 minutes

Another CD from Wallace, who seem to have uncovered a hidden valley full of groups that play instruments and remind one of the attitude (though not necessarily the music) of the best of the early 70s experimentalists.

Chris Cutler

"Perfectionist Guitars" : Olivier Manchion is anything but an unknown player on the international guitar music scene. Apart from taking part in innumerable projects, Manchion has recorded several albums with french cult band Ulan Bator. A short while ago, he got the idea of expanding his solo project Permanenet Fatal Error into a band. He went looking for additional musicians, found three and took them into the studio in spring 2003 to record the album you now hold in hands titled "Law Speed". Permanenet Fatal Error are in no hurry. They take their time. Most of the songs on their debut longplayer are downtempo and glide through the scenery extremely laid back. In spite (or maybe because) of this fact, the music of "Law Speed" is exceedingly powerful. This is due to its lucidity, which is at the core of this music. The transparent as well as intelligent arrangements have been put into practice with utmost accuracy - each sound and every beat is in exactly the right place. In addition to that, it may be said that PFE crane at no experimental obstacle - from dissonant organ drones to a free jazz trumpet solo lasting several minutes, lots of unexpected events happen on Law Speed. However, all of these outbursts are subtly woven into the bands precisely executed rock-structures. With this, PFE open up new possibilities for the sound of guitar music in the 21st century. The prominent characteristic of all the tracks (most of which are instrumentals) are their short, repetitive patterns. Their structure, which is always kept simple, is nimbly imbued with a rhythm provided by very accurate arrangements of bass and drums. PFE sound warm, melodious and resourceful. The band surprises its listeners with electronic sounds and a very sonorous steelstring-sound. "Law Speed" was recorded at URS Studios in south Italy in co-operation with French sound engineer Lionel Darenne, whose work experience includes among other things a two-year stint in Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio in Chicago. The typical and easily identifiable acoustic environment of the drums puts the listener under the illusion of being in the same room as the band while listening to this record. This highly aesthetic production is only one reason why "Law Speed" is a real adventure in sound - and not only for guitar fans.

Guido Meobius/Autopilot