Scarnella is the errant brainchild of Carla Bozulich (The Geraldine FibbersEthyl Meatplow, etc.) and Nels Cline (The Nels Cline TrioThe Fibbers,Wilco, collaborator with Mike Watt, Thurston Moore, Charlie Haden…the list goes on). In early June of ’98, the two traveled to the Pacific Northwest and, playing their first shows as a duo along the way, recorded their debut album. Two weeks later, with four shows, six days of recording/mixing and a breathtaking coastal drive behind them, an album (mostly consisting of material written along the journey or live in the session) was complete, and they became fully immersed in dissecting that treacherous creature we cavalierly refer to as: the future. The band draws on a wide array of styles, instruments & methodologies to express itself: Carla still plays guitar and works her mighty pipes, but also adds bass guitar and her sampling keyboard, which had been in the closet collecting dust for too long. Nels lays down his singular, howlingly virtuosic fret-math, and puts in some overtime on the the drumkit, where the cresting thump and whir he inflicts proves that besides being a guitar-god for the millenium, he’s no slouch behind the skins, either.

Phonometak Series #8
Phonometak Series #8
Phonometak Series 8
10inch LP
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
4 tracks
27 minutes