The Hutchinson

Riva del Garda (TN), Italy

The Hutchinson began between 1999 and 2000. The first songs had a certain affinity with 70′s rock, which inevitabily made one think of names such as Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer but with an approach of musical formation from these 4 self-taught members. By 2001 the sound had started to mature. The songs assumed an exclusive instrumental only form and tune was dedicated to long sessions in which prevailed stratification and intricate digressions. Woven rythyms in which the guitar and drums followed between syncopations and irregular prosodies which was then added to with the electronic ambient of synth’s pad. Playing in woman’s bathroom come out and the press talked of “math-rock post Krauto“, of “psychedelic“, of “agonistic trance“.

In 2003 a change to the line up brought a new formation and a real revolution. The sonorities began to take a certain fascination towards 70′s funk but maintaining a noise approch, from here have recorded and brought out Sitespecific for orange squirrel, double CD published by prolific label Wallace Records. After almost four years is followed by Clan, the second chapter weblog Wallace Records, which sums up just over half an hour the natural evolution of the band’s sound.


March, 2010
CD / 12inch LP + CD
7 tracks
31 minutes

“Rock’n'roll!!!!”…hey do I sound like Lester Bangs?!…no way, and by the way this’ not exactly wishy washy seventies revivalism even if the influence comes from there. The rock elements is definitely part of the lot when dealing with The Hitchinson, let’s say their music is somewhere located between math-rock and noise-garage rock’n'roll. Highly melodic and never too cerebral the band works on mid tempos and strong epic passages without sounding cheesy while incorporating those “historical” riffs all the rockers out there wonna bang their head while listening to. A good recording and a good technical skill save them from getting boring like many instrumental bands dealing with this kind of shit. I’m sure the best possible fan of a record like this should be a classic strong melodic rock listener or a mid-late nineties independent rock (not indie rock) fan and it has to do with the fact they’re not soft arty of pseudo-intellectual but they are there to make you move your ass and sweat to the rhythm of the drum. Even though they tend to be a bit vintage math-rock-n-rolla I dig their sound and if you were the “cocain on tits motherfucker” you claimed to be last night at the pub, well…I think you should let this record its say!
Andrea Ferraris, Chain DLK

Sitespecific for Orange Squirrel

December, 2006
8 tracks
47 minutes

The Hutchinson born between 1999 and 2000. Their first compositione were influenced by 70′s, mostly Sabbath and Blue Cheer oriented, but also with personal contributes done by their self learning attitudine. In 2001 their sound start to eveolve, only instrumental songs, long jam session, guitar and drums playing differents rhythmic layers, creating a syncopate music, futrher more destructured by synth and electronics. In 2003 they release their debut CD Playing in woman’s bathroom,and press speaks abot this record as “psychedelic-kraut-math-rock”, After some lin-up changes, their sounds changes again introducing new 70′s funk atmospheres, at the same time their push to a noisy rhythmic.

Po Box 52.6

P.O. Box 52 Series 6
May, 2003
13 tracks
58 minutes