Bologna Violenta

Treviso, Italy

Bologna Violenta è un progetto di Nicola Manzan, trevigiano classe 1976, diplomato in violino e polistrumentista che negli ultimi anni ha lavorato in studio e dal vivo con molte band del panorama musicale italiano e internazionale.

Il progetto nasce nel 2005, anno dell'album di esordio ispirato ai film poliziotteschi degli anni Settanta, un disco votato alla violenza sonora ed al nichilismo musicale di stampo cybergrind. Il secondo album, intitolato Il Nuovissimo Mondo, esce nel 2010 e segna una prima svolta nello stile del progetto. Ispirato dai cosiddetti “mondo-movie”, il disco è carico di citazioni da film di genere e di atmosfere surreali alternate a veri e propri assalti sonori.

Il terzo album, dal titolo Utopie e piccole soddisfazioni, esce nel 2012 per Wallace Records e Dischi Bervisti ed è composto da ventuno pezzi che sono l'espressione più eclatante del background musicale di Nicola, che va dalla musica classica al rumore puro. Nell'estate 2013 inizia la scrittura e la registrazione dell'album Uno Bianca, in uscita a febbraio 2014 grazie a Woodworm, Wallace Records e Dischi Bervisti.

Durante il 2013 Nicola è stato impegnato anche alla realizzazione del primo album dei Menace (in uscita per Season Of Mist nel 2014), progetto fondato da Mitch Harris (Napalm Death, Meathook Seed), prodotto da Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Amorphis, Evile) e che vede anche la partecipazione di Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Derek Roddy (Malevolent Creation, Hate Eternal) e Frederic Leclerq (Dragonforce).

Tra gli altri, ha collaborato anche con Justin K. Broadrick nell'ultimo album degli Jesu e con Gautier Serre per il prossimo Ep di Igorrr.
Dal 2006 ad oggi  si è esibito in Italia, Francia, Belgio, Olanda, Germania ed Inghilterra (con la partecipazione nel 2012 al Glimps Festival di Gent e nel 2013 all’Eurosonic Noorderslag di Groningen).

Surgical Beat Bros vs Bologna Violenta

November, 2015
7inch Flexy Disc
4 tracks
12 minutes

Surgical Beat Bros and Bologna Violenta release the first Flexy disc in Wallace Catalogue, containing 4 tracks conceived and recorded at Hombrelobo in Roma, in March 2015.
This Collaboration between the muscians Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta), Fabio Recchia (Germanotta Youth, Reeks) and Antonio Zitarelli (Mombu, Neo) is born to create a lethal mixof their sounds: electronics, grindcore and raw dance beats.

Uno Bianca

February, 2014
CD / 12inch LP
32 tracks
27 minutes

Uno Bianca is the fourth Bologna Violenta's full lenght album.

This concept album is based on the crimes of the “Banda della Uno Bianca”, a gang formed by five policemen and a civilian operating in the Bologna area (from 1987 to 1994), which made more than hundred crimes, killing twenty four people and wounding more than hundred. The gang's name is taken from the type of car used for the crimes, a white Fiat Uno, very popular in Italy in those years. The gang, led by Savi brothers, has always been known for the brutality of its operations that didn't save the lives of those who was between criminals and their purpose. The album goes over twenty-seven steps in its criminal history, a sort of imaginary soundtrack of the gang's worst crimes against gas stations, motorway tollbooths, banks and supermarkets.

Uno Bianca is characterized by extreme sounds, made even more dramatic by the massive use of string orchestras.
The song form is completely abandoned, the track structures are modeled on the progress of events, as reported by the procedural acts.

Utopie e Piccole Soddisfazioni

January, 2012
21 tracks
30 minutes

Utopie e piccole soddisfazioni is Bologna Violenta’s third album.

Unlike his former works, it contains no reference to movies whatsoever, concentrating instead on music and the intense sensations it can give the listener.

Twenty-one tracks that spring from personal experiences, from times of great distress and other times when everything seems shrouded in a veil of irony that often conceals deep truths.

In this album the trademark Bologna Violenta sound is accompanied by string orchestras, that alternate sparkles of tremendous intensity to more traditionally grotesque and noisy bits.

It starts off with a pounding and melancholic musical commentary to the end of year speech of a former President of the Republic and immediately afterwards, it plunges the listener into a sonic environment that blends traditional polish folk songs with the deepest electro, that harmonizes 80s-style punk-hardcore with eastern Europe orchestras, that setsBenedictine monks’ choirs as a counter-alter to the anguished cries of tortured people.

Very few words are employed in the whole album: the great utopias that move the world and the human spirit are ridiculed by the distinct feeling that in the end small everyday satisfactions are what makes our life better.

This album features some special guests, among which J. Randall, singer in the american bandAgoraphobic Nosebleed and label-manager of Grindcore Karaoke (a label that is shaping up a whole new grind scene) and Aimone Romizi from Fast Animals And Slow Kids, voice in the cover Valium Tavor Serenase by CCCP (a tribute to the punk scene in Bologna in the 80s and a mockery of that so called “normality” that makes men mediocre, nowadays just like thirty years ago).

Utopie e piccole soddisfazioni represents a turning point in the artistic evolution of the project and at the same time it confirms its original intentions: making serious music that bluntly strikes the soul of the listener.

Il Riskio Remix

October, 2015
9 tracks
35 minutes

Ultravixen gave their latest album tracks to some friends, in order to manipulate and re-interpratet their sound.
Wait a couple of weeks to listen this tracklist:
1. TESTA DI MORTE - Bologna Violenta
3. AGUZZINA - Nutype feat Geo Johnson
4. LE COSE Più BELLE - Matilde Davoli
7. LOVE IS NO PAIN - Gianluca Bartolo