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In 1999, Wallace Records began to release records with a compilation, Tracce, which took a photograph of a view on the underground scene at that time, between punk and avantgarde.

It's been doing it for 20 years and wants to keep doing it for another 20, at least.
Meanwhile, today we take the time to think about what it is today and take another picture.

The subjects are: 3tons, Anatrofobia, Gerda, Hysm?Duo, Makhno, Masche, Meteor, Quasiviri, The Rambo, The Shipwreck Bag Show, Uomoman.

Strictly unpublished pieces.
Strictly analog print, with a beautiful 180gr vinyl, of which a limited colored edition will also be made.

For the occasion, a Tshirt will also be created, in conjunction with the WRR (Wallace Records Radio) broadcast, of which we will know more in February.

That's all? No, obviously.
For the most ambitious donors, as well as being nominated as producers on the record graphics, a dedicated limited edition poster will also be produced.

Can't wait to contribute? Join the crowdfunding here:

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