Lodi, Italy

Uomoman was born in 2012 from the living embers of X-Mary and The Great Saunites and from the ashes of Anatre SupremeYokotobigeriFranconero,Nazareno and several other sublime projects.
The band, made of 4 people (drums, guitar, bass guitar, synth and vocals), defines itself “concept band”: their music pivots around one axis: monomania, i.e. when you wake up one morning, decide that everything you’ve done up until then has been useless and start committing yourself to something different.

Digital kind of guy

December, 2014
7 tracks
28 minutes

With Uomoman‘s first album, the band decided to abandon music and commit themselves to the Mountain Bike, noble means of transport and metaphor of life’s ups and downs. They then topped it all off with a good amount of denial – where everything that doesn’t concern mountain bikes isn’t even considered and, by consequence, the idea of mountain bike itself is denied in order to being re-elaborated in a more sublime key, as well as a more digital key.
If we really want to talk about music, then they’re thinking about Trans AmGolden and Devo, but also CanNeu! and other bands with three-letter names.