Six Minute War Madness

1992 to 2002
Milano, Italy

Six Minute War Madness were born in January 1992: Federico Ciappini on vocals, Paolo Cantù (former member of Tasaday and Afterhours) and Xabier Iriondo (also in Afterhours) on guitars, Massimo Marini on bass and Daniele Misirliyan on drums.

In September 1993 they put out their first 7” Holy Joe/Evensong on the punk label Blu Bus and during the same year another song, Truck Fucker, appeared on the compilation Faces Vol.2.
A year later they contributed four tracks to the album Lubricant for Your Mind. In 1996 the band released their first full length album and switched to singing in Italian.
The self-titled debut was followed by 1997′s Il Vuoto Elettrico and, after a slight line-up change, the band released 2000′s Full Fathom Six. While the first self-titled record is based on the melting of powerful mid-times and explosive and angular guitarwork, in the two albums that followed.

Six Minute War Madness started to experiment with form by incorporating sounds that can be traced to the Chicago/Louisville scene and to the Cantù-Iriondo-Magistrali side-project called A Short Apnea.
Six Minute War Madness split up in 2002.

Full Fathom Six

December, 2009
39 tracks
99 minutes

This’ a new redux edition of this long time unavailable Cd from this Milan based band. I’m glad I’ve had the chance to review the re-editions like this since it give me the opportunity to speak about Cds that have been already part of my personal collection (yes, I bought it when it came out back in the days…). This double cd contains all of the material of this band featuring some future and ex members of bands such as like A Short Apnea, Uncode Duello and many other projects which are quite well known here in Italy. The original record itself, I mean the one that corresponded to the title of this release, was a good mix of guitar-driven rock influenced by the post grunge era, post-rock, Sonic Youth, Touch and Go and U. S. based post-punk, indie-rock. Three of the members of the band went on forming A Short Apnea, equals the kraut-experimental element is there even if hidden between the lines. The lyrics go from ok to well written and are partially sung and partially spoken in italian a la Massimo Volume that by some means remain a strong influence above all for the “intellectual” avant rock approach of Six Minutes War Madness. Differently from many contemporaries they managed to have an identity and according to my personal opinion it has to do with the music solutions. The second cd collects the material previous to the album and it’s funny to see how the band has gradually evolved from a generic indie-rock-punky-grunge band into something softer and more mature above all in terms of solutions. Another interesting aspect of the band evolution can be found in the fact while during their early days there were still some sorts of affinities with the sound of Afterhours later it all took a different direction. While during the early days they were still an italian band imitating naively the average U. S. sound, later, while passing from singing in english to italian language, they also found an identity and a maturity the concretization of which has been Full fathom six. Still much better than many bands trying to imitate this sound nowadays.
Andrea Ferraris, Chain DLK


April, 1999
13 tracks
71 minutes

Tracce is the compilation which makes the Wallace Records born, and want to define to guidelines and style for the label. It wants to be the photography of italian underground in ’99, and after years it seems be yet clear. In this compilation: Six Minute War Madness, Starfuckers, A Short Apnea, My Cat Is An Alien, Crunch, Jinx, One Dimensional Man, Atom Pig Neon, Sottopressione, Cleft, Splatterpink, Infranti.