Taranto, Italy

HysM?Duo sono Stefano Spataro e Jacopo Fiore: chitarra, batteria, basso, rumori, synth, water, effetti, loop.

Il progetto nasce nel 2008 con il nome HysM?, il catalogo di musica indipendente curato dallo stesso duo.

All Impossible Worlds

December, 2014
12inch LP
6 tracks
40 minutes

Is it possible to combine the inexorable pace of nature with the human creative approach?
You will not find the answer in this album, nor in any of the possible worlds.
By the way topics faced by the two guys from Taranto in this LP are these: the private research, the knowledge, the changes during life, the language. All of them supported by a solid and sofisticated avant-rock, development of the previous Science in Action, with an opening to new and uncharted sonorities. More than duo with precious musicians from the Italian underground (Paolo Cantù, Andrea Caprara, Francesco Li Puma).
Less improvisation, more progressive. In this album there is a lot, and almost nothing to understand.
On the other hand, to know the world is to believe in lies

Nevadagaz / She’s Beyond Good And Evil

May, 2013
4 tracks
08 minutes

After the critically acclaimed album of pure post-punk, Silo ThinkingMakhno return to gift us a deepening on the topic, and revealing some of the roots of his sound.
This virtual 7 “is in fact a virtual tribute to Gaznevada and the Pop Group.

You download it here for free here.

Or here.