Monza, Brianza, Italy

A major discovery? An elaborate hoax? Is the hoax claim the real hoax?
Tasaday did not make worldwide headlines in 1982 when the not tiny group emerged from some humid villages in hills of Brianza, carrying metal, electric and electronic musical instruments, such as tubes, coils, amputed bass and chopper vox, and professing no knowledge. The people were talking about the sensation of him who belongs to the dark and awakes at the day light, perceiving that nothing changes. In 1984, someone entered into the radio station where the Tasaday were playing their music, reading hermetic texts and playing their own parts, and wrote on the wall the sentence “Tasaday fucking poseur”, claiming that the Tasaday story was a fraud.
The wall writer claimed that the people had been persuaded to act as “the inexpressible thing” as an elaborate hoax. One journalist did not support those accusations and later, after a Tasaday live performance, on a major circulation magazine, he described the Tasaday as “the italian new Sex Pistols of the ’80″, saying that the Tasaday are authentic and the claim of a hoax was the real hoax.
Nowadays the question is still unanswered.

Tasaday Box 1981-2007

April, 2007
15xCD + DVD
156 tracks

26 years of history packed in an aluminum box, limited edition.

A lot of material for a group born as “the italian new Sex Pistols of the 80s”, grown trough years.

Early tapes, two Lp out of stock from years, unreleased tracks, tracks on compilation, Live.
And a video.
And pictures.
And a Booklet.

The end of production.

In Attesa, nel Labirinto

April, 2004
7 tracks
46 minutes

A new page in Tasaday hystory : in the intentions this is their album rock.

Obviously you can forget riffs and rock drums, but they has perfectly photographed the state of the art of their evolution, never so intense and rich of suggestions as in the last years. Undoubtedly the key of that is in the perfect harmony of the seven Tasaday’s members, and in the recent live performances of last the two years.

What it’s constant in this musical project is that since its industrial-avantegarde origins Tasaday have always demonstrated to catch every sound, every inspiration and suggestion in a own personal brand.

Kaspar Project

April, 2003
13 tracks
64 minutes

The Kaspar Project was founded by Tasaday who decided to let other people work instead of them.

They invited several musicians and not musicians around the world, collecting sounds: dogs on the subway, sprains, damaged vinyl, panting female, prototype synth than 50 years ago but also guitars and drums and bass … well … sounds.

The band mixed the sounds in order to let them play in a Tasaday-style.
In the same spirit, Wallace Records collected producers, people who wanted contribute with their money (few, just the Cd price cost) and support, a crowd funding ante litteram.
So, this album is not on sale, it never was, but you can listen fro free.

Corpi Assolutamente Immobili

January, 2002
2 tracks
11 minutes

Two fresh songs of noise rock (?, !) by Tasaday.

This is their first 7" in 20 years, released as a preview of Con il Corpo Crivellato di Stelle.
Special guest Vonsik from degli Jasminshock.

Con il corpo crivellato di stelle

February, 2002
13 tracks
60 minutes

Following the 7′ here’s the new album by Tasaday, with a nearly complete original line-up (Sandro Ripamonti, Carlo Ronchi, Stefano Sangalli, Paolo Cantù) Con il corpo crivellato di stelle explain itself from title : phisycal, violent ed etheral…useless try to describe ‘what Tasaday play…

Echoes of their industrial avantagard past filtered by listening the best indie rock of last ten years : bass, guitars, computers and televisions, sax and oboe, voices intentional or not to be on a record.
And there are some friends with their sounds : Flavia and Vonsik by Jasminshock, "il maestro" Roberto Mazza, Stefano Golfari, Monica Lynch, Marco Camorali, Sabrina Fiore, Viviane Mata, Emanuela, Yuli Cao, Mirko Spino.

This release has 50 different pictures on cover. Catch 'em all.

Aprirsi nel Silenzio

May, 2000
10 tracks
60 minutes

After their return in '99 (L’Ultimo Tasaday, Beware!), Tasaday on the scenes (or better under the scenes) from nearly twenty years has all in rule in order to enjoy the same acknowledgments that this record had in 1984, year of publication for Adn.

The vinyl is out catalogue from years, and we have thought that it was a sin keep it hidden for who, also for age reasons, it had not the opportunity of enjoying.

La Zuccha Polmonate

May, 2002
11 tracks
53 minutes

R.U.N.I. are idiots, we know, so they do idiot things.

In a cold and dark night full of fog in the hinterland, drinking alcol to heat them and friends, they had the idiot idea to remix their album , the world wide famous Il Cucchiaio Infernale.
The morning later nobody would have remembered this, but they were in company with bad discographic managers, their manager Elvisio and some little bands searching for fast and big success.

Obliged by contract to handle again their tapes, the idiot idea became a remix album : La Zuccha Polmonate.
Everyone who would like to kick ass with the responsables of this catastrophic result, here’s names : A Short Apnea, A034, Aerodynamics, BugoMirko Spino, Mutables, Ovo, Pin Pin Sugar, Rollerball, Tasaday and R.U.N.I. themselves.
Title and band public image are curated by Elvisio.