The Shipwreck Bag Show


The Shipwreck Bag Show are Roberto Bertacchini (Strafuckers, Sinistri) and Xabier Iriondo (A Short Apnea, Uncode Duello, Six Minute War Madness).
Survivors in the ocean of pop, refugees in a land without time with their suitcases full of metal, wood and electronic circuits.

Don Kixote

September, 2014
12inch LP
11 tracks
18 minutes

The most important literary hispanic work deconstructed and reinterpreted in a contemporary musical form. 
A vinyl 12" in which there are poetry, action, garage/desert/rock and avant-garde

The idea of ​​Iriondo and Bertacchini is to create a parallel between the writings of Cervantes and the time that we are living. The purpose of Cervantes was to stress the inadequacy of intellectuals to face the new era that ran in Spain, in fact, a historical period characterized by materialism and sunset of ideals, and marked by the rise of the crisis that will dominate the golden century just ended. The primary purpose of the novel, explicitly stated in the prologue by Cervantes, is to ridicule the books of chivalry and satirize the medieval world, through the mad character of Don Chisciotte.Advancing in reading, immediately after the first adventures, Don Quixote gradually loses its connotation of comedian and becomes more complex. The same novel soon becomes much more than a parody or a mock-heroic novel. 

The mad knight shows the reader the basic problem of existence, that is the disappointment that man suffers in the face of reality, which cancels the imagination, fantasy, their expectations, the realization of a project of existence with which man is identified. 

The madness of Don Quixote is the tool to reject the vulgarity and baseness of the reality

The Shipwreck Bag Show

February, 2012
4 tracks
9 minutes

The duo Xabier Iriondo and Roberto Bertacchini after a mCD and two albums now release a new work in 7 “(a transparent one).

Four fresh tracks that confirm the direction taken in the last album, between noise and visionary songs.
Alongside Wallace Records, and Paintvox and Phonometak Labs, former editors of the previous album, there’s the new label Tarzan Records.
Roberto Bertacchini has just released his solo album Contraddizioni and is about to debut solo Xabier Iriondo in Phonometak Series.


October, 2010
11 tracks
33 minutes

Just one year after from the previous album, the pair of castaways Xabier Iriondo/Roberto Bertacchini is already on studio with a fresh new collection of songs.

The duo in this 3rd record is further away from ‘avant-rock experimental miniCD debut, pumping the mood of the primitive blues in eleven tracks in the form of (surprise!) song. Indeed, KC is an album made ​​of songs with lots of guitar riffs and distortions by Iriondo, and Bertacchini straightens slightly its unmistakable drumming, letting the voice to be the element of their arrhythmia.
His visionary and grotesque lyrics complete the magnificent singing proof of the former Starfuckers/Sinistri

Il Tempo … Tra le nostre mani, scoppia!

April, 2009
12 tracks
37 minutes

Xabier Iriondo and Roberto Bertacchini together again to give a continuation to the self titled mCD debut that closed the wallaceMailSeries.

Two years to forge a sound that has become far more than the sum of two styles whose personality has become a trademark. The Shipwreck Bag Show is a group, a band playing live and this album offers twelve tracks that are not is hazardous to define “songs”.
Without forgetting the sound research carried out over the years, the duo is dedicated to singing and playing blues songs obviously drunk and crooked, lame blues of course, filthy, evocative and original.

The Shipwreck Bag Show

wallaceMailSeries 10
October, 2006
3 tracks
18 minutes

A fresh 3inch mCD for the endless saga of collaboration relating Xabier Iriondo who’s co-pilot this time is Roberto Bertacchini from Starfuckers/Sinistri fame.

On this short collection of tracks Bertacchini’s crippled rhythms cross and get crossed by some post krautesque assault a la Iriondo.
The global listening could be resumed in: Faust or Can wrecking into a free/contemporary pool.