Hell Demonio

Verona, Italy

Hell Demonio was formed in 2004… Their musical influence comes from bands like The Stooges, Germs, AC/DC, mixed up with modern sounds like those by The Nation Of Ulysses, Jesus Lizard, Rye Coalition, Fugazi… It’s not a bunch of skilled musicians, but a group of people who aim for one project.
With the use of only the few instruments that are absolutely necessary, and such an arrogant (and maybe even a bit dumb) name, one could explain pretty well Hell Demonio’s approach to music. According to this attitude, there is no need to be completely devoted to the instrument you play: a drummer can get to the microphone, the man behind the keyboards can brace a bass and the guitarist can bang on the drums… What really matters is something else…


April, 2008
CD / 10inch LP
10 tracks
26 minutes

2008: Hell Demonio changes a bit. After an intense period of arrangements and writing they did some new songs changing the previous post punk structure through a mix of different styles of music also using more instruments and different ideas… They release Discography, which represents the new way of Hell Demonio, after two years of countless shows, writing and proofreading.

The record was produced between Italy and the USA: it was recorded and mixed in Vicenza at the Hate Studio and mastered at the CMS in Chicago by Bob Weston.

Greatest Hits

September, 2005
7 tracks
17 minutes

(…) when a release by an Italian band falls in my lap, the old adrenaline starts to surge, my fingers get twitchy and the nervous sweats begin…Hell Demonio (Uh, I guess it means something along the lines of Hells Demons), whilst not strictly a “Hardcore” band, incorporate enough of the HC ethos in their sound and overall presence and presentation, to make them a part of the “scene” by default. More by accident than intention though… Not a Hardcore band, not a metal band, not a punk band, not a pop band and not a rock band, Hell Demonio have taken elements of all the fore mentioned genres and utilised the best elements to create a unique, driving sound that would put a smile on the face of even the most miserable Goth. See, they’re all about balls out rock-n-roll, and I guess the best, and only way to describe them, is as the overblown bastard offspring of the Jesus Lizard and AC/DC. They may sound weird, but by Christ they rock like their lives depend on it, and the music is more fun than a lifetime’s free pass to the UK’s best brothel…If this really is the sound of damnation, then roll on the Dark Angel’s, because my soul’s prepared…
Tim Cundle, Subba Cultcha