Mattia Coletti

Ancona, Italy

Mattia Coletti is the little genious of italian undergound scene.
Thanks to the innate attitude for collaborations, he began very young to play with other musicians, organizing concerts, since he become a sound engineer and producer, as well as to run his own AME Records.

Precious is his solo activities that brought him many times on tour in Europe and Japan. As electric guitarist he also rocked bands as Sedia and Leg Leg, and even collaborate with Xabier Iriondo in the duo Polvere, and participate to the wallaceMailSeries with 61 Winter’s Hat.


September, 2014
6 tracks
29 minutes

Moon is the fifth album by Mattia Coletti.

The most important difference is the input of electronic pads around hypnotic folk-blues compositions.
The new album is a fusion of electronic and acoustic mood

The Land

January, 2012
39 tracks
39 minutes

The Land is Mattia’s new album, after the first solo album Zeno, Zeno Submarine and Pantagruele.
Recently, even a 7 “shared with Comaneci and Japan’s Muffin, published in 2010 by the american North Pole Records.

The Land is a mature record that comes after years of concerts around the world.
The Land sums up a basic primitive blues, elegant and simple, with a refined taste for details, a constant game of mirrors between the guitars.

Avant folk or ritual blues, or more simply: never ostentatious melody which merges with a psychedelic background.

The Land is a distant land, timeless.


April, 2009
6 tracks
22 minutes

After a second tour in Japan and more than 50 dates between Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, comes Pantagruele, Mattia’s third solo album released also in Japan by TownTone Records.

This 23 minutes represent the maturation and evolution of composition, from the first Cd Zeno, through Zeno Submarine.
In Pantagruele Mattia’s writing becomes even more clear and essential, as well as production becomes more meticulous and detailed.

A record made of multiple windows and colors.

Zeno Submarine

October, 2007
16 tracks
48 minutes

Mattia strikes into the hearts of young jap girls.

After the tour in the land of the rising sun in 2006, Wallace Records and TownTone released this album of greatest hits, taken from the solo album Zeno and songs of Polvere and 61 Winter’s Hat.
There’s some unreleased too, showing the state of grace of the folk singer.
The packaging is beautiful, jap-style, with incomprehensible writing, intellectual, vaguely bootleg.


November, 2005
13 tracks
39 minutes

Zeno is an acoustic record borne out of psych-folk/weird-folk, the most of the song are guitar driven and this cd features outer space ballads coming from the seventies, neo-freaksters keep reading!

While playing this psychedelic-melodies many names came to mind, basically: Red Krayola, John Fahey, Syd Barret, Devendra Banhart.
An high quality recording helps the songwriting to reach its full potential and some interesting arrangements define each particular of this album.

Acoustic, freak and relaxing, good work.

Otra Vez

April, 2014
8 tracks
50 minutes

A composition which also represents a creative workshop as it will be the subject of the next release of Plasma Expander: a remix album whereBarry London (Oneida), ZA!Simon BalestrazziLuca Ciffo (Fuzz Orchestra), Mattia ColettiClaudio PRC and Hubble. will share with you their own re-interpretation of Otra Vez.