Milano, Ancona

Xabier Iriondo, known for his previous works with Paolo CantĂș in A Short Apnea as well as Uncode Duello projects, teamed up this time with Mattia Coletti to form Polvere, an indeed thrilling electro-acoustic project, in order to meet and mix opposite attitudes in music, searching for a personal musical way.


May, 2007
10inch LP
6 tracks
20 minutes

The quality of their artistic proposal that combine avant-garde spirit and memories of the tradition, research and melody. This 10 "is the perfect result of what had already been admirably expressed in their first album, being able to add additional elements of innovation to their compositions, thanks to a more refined balance between strings and weaving digital sound between acoustic and fragile rhythm structures. Recordings of Japanese popular songs re-emerge as a reminder of their recent experience in the land of the rising sun and provide the inspiration to develop a series of alchemical transformations of sound, thanks to distortion and drones almost imperceptible. Twenty minutes of poetic inspiration.

Massimliano Busti, Blow Up


June, 2006
12 tracks
37 minutes

Polvere is acoustic and electric guitar, percussions and sound taken from daily life. The electro-acoustic sound is elaborated in real time and in post-production, in order to meet and mix opposite attitudes in music, searching for a personal musical way. In this second chapter, microphones are open to the concrete sounds of pastoral nature, clinking glasses, avant-garde movements of acoustic guitar plays, minimal percussions and electronica, blues lullabies, meta indian cants and suffocated grudges. Twelve tracks of self-satisfaction in free improvvisation.


wallaceMailSeries 3
February, 2004
6 tracks
20 minutes

Two equidistant and convergent shapes acoustic and electrical guitars , percussions and sounds fused with electronic treatments in a free sonorous landscape.

Instinctive and primitive electro-acoustic actions elaborated electronically in real time and in post-production, as vehicle to transport two different attitudes and towards to a musical shape.
Not a hybrid, therefore, but an identity, which finds a result under different shapes and ways.