San Colombano al Lambro (MI), Italy

Born in 1995, X-Mary were gathering dust and cobwebs, at the same time they were recording demos testifying their green years, until 2003.

After that, recording and publish records became cheaper,so they start with the first records and don’t stop for years, collaborating with several labels.
X-Mary tour Italy up and down, in big and small stages, happy and always having fun, knowing people. It works.


January, 2015
11 tracks
32 minutes

Cruditè is the 7th X-Mary album in ten years so far.

It has eleven tracks, less than usual.
But it has 15 min track, equal to six X-Mary standard song.

The artwork is created by Giacomo Laser alias Gioacchino Turù, a genius.

Green Tuba

February, 2012
12inch LP + CD
14 tracks
32 minutes

This is X-Mary’s 6th record, the first serious after 3 years.

It born in south Italy and finished at home, in San Colombano. Inside Green Tuba there are the usual ingredients, but cooked with more care than usual, and even a horn section.
The A side is the rock one, the other is pop and psychedelic.

If you listen to the CD and want to start from the B side, skip ’till 11th track.
If you are looking for a single we suggest Mi Sento Solo.
If you are looking for a fake-cover of Camillas, listen Picante.
If you are looking for trouble, you found the wrong band.

Tutto Bano

March, 2009
12inch LP + CD
14 tracks
23 minutes

This is the 4th release by of X-Mary.

It is made ​​of songs without lyrics and choruses without the verses.
This LP contains a CD and it’s released by many labels.
Conceived, born and raised in Cascina Bovera, San Colombano al Lambro, spring / fall 2008.

A Tavola con il Principe

February, 2008
24 tracks
37 minutes

Re-press of the 2nd album by the pop italian band X-Mary, previously self-released in the yellow variant CD.

Twenty-four tracks that sound like a greatest hits and make you dance in way that you could embarrassed yourself.

X-Mary al Circo

January, 2008
15 tracks
26 minutes

Specialized press talked about those influences for X-Mary 3rd album: Paolino Paperino Band, Bugo, Wolfango, Ifix Tchen Tchen, Minutemen, Half Japanese, NOFX, Max Pezzali, Black Flag, Rino Gaetano, Ramones, Prozac+, Pavement, Os Mutantes, Pixies, Porno for Pyros, Alberto Fortis, Police, Cristiano Malgioglio, Smiths, Violent Femmes, Fabio Concato, Alberto Camerini.

But the real ones are: Luca Carboni and Darby Crash meets Minutemen at Toquihno’s House.
Conceived quietly, recorded quickly but carefully and produced by a consortium of italian independent labels


April, 2013
4 tracks
8 minutes

After seven years of shared stages, and after a wild Wallace Fest in January 2013, with four hours of sleep on the rump, the bands members occupied a farm in Lodi, mounted instruments and microphones, and brought a incomplete music from their recent sessions, and together they completed it.

The result is a 45inch that has all inside, some track more X-Maryan and some more Camillas-like, and some that sound as a perfect alchemy.