Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)

The Resti Umani Non Identificati formed in 1994 in the hinterland of Milano, they still rock, sometimes.

Their unique alchemy of electronic r’n'r, new wave à la Devo, funky house, and visionary lyrics.
Simply of one the most original band in the globe.


January, 2010
CD / 12inch LP + CD
10 tracks
46 minutes

R.U.N.I. now are three, for years have been four, even five, and six, in their infancy.
But now there are three: Fabio, Daniele and Roberto. Do not they know what to say about what they play, unless they use a battery, a bass rarely, a guitar, a synthesizer and voices.

Comes easier to talk about what you hear: no wave, punk, kraut-rock, avant-garde, beat, rock n ‘roll, electronic, afro beat, funk, new wave, early 90′s techno, house.
Sometimes they feel in an abyss but more often they sit in a bar, they would like to find two girls as choir or dancers who accompany them.
Perhaps they will find.

At the end of the R.U.N.I. guys are simple, detached but romantic.

Fula Fula Fular

January, 2008
10inch LP
7 tracks
27 minutes

R.U.N.I. comeback!
Seven pieces of madness, seven steps inside a ‘pastiche’ of kraut rock/noise/electro/prog/avant.
The band reinvent sounds from the post-modern era.
Fula Fula Fular is a mini album, available only in 10″ vinyl.

Ipercapnia In Capannone K

January, 2003
12 tracks
53 minutes

After the brilliant Il Cucchiaio Infernale wasn’t possible preview the way that R.U.N.I. will run : when you are so out of normal you had to work hardly to astonish.

No repetition of ready solution and no concession to the normal, but the miracle: Ipercapnia in Capannone K is the band at its best.
R.U.N.I. are able like no one else to discover the territory done by great songs without respect any song rules; mixing influences you can perceive for few seconds and the they fly away : disco-funky, kraut rock, post punk, no & new wave.

A wonderful album.

La Zuccha Polmonate

May, 2002
11 tracks
53 minutes

R.U.N.I. are idiots, we know, so they do idiot things.

In a cold and dark night full of fog in the hinterland, drinking alcol to heat them and friends, they had the idiot idea to remix their album , the world wide famous Il Cucchiaio Infernale.
The morning later nobody would have remembered this, but they were in company with bad discographic managers, their manager Elvisio and some little bands searching for fast and big success.

Obliged by contract to handle again their tapes, the idiot idea became a remix album : La Zuccha Polmonate.
Everyone who would like to kick ass with the responsables of this catastrophic result, here’s names : A Short Apnea, A034, Aerodynamics, BugoMirko Spino, Mutables, Ovo, Pin Pin Sugar, Rollerball, Tasaday and R.U.N.I. themselves.
Title and band public image are curated by Elvisio.

Il Cucchiaio Infernale

January, 2001
13 tracks
46 minutes

The premises for R.U.N.I. debut full lenght were all already in single Il Technosiciliano, R.U.N.I. now return after three years with a big jump in ahead.

This is an indefinibile disc: pop and punk (in the wider meaning of the words), fresh and ready-to-sing under the shower; wave (no-, obviously) for the not conventional form of songs and their way to alternarne their style; contaminated of self-maded electronics, that it accompanies the conventional instruments in melody, rhythm and noises.

There is nothing wrong here, only 13 hit single.